$900,000+ in Facebook Sales with the Lifetime Spend of $200,000


Client Intro:

A Hair product store was struggling to get the attention of buyers, despite spending heavily on advertising. Learn how we turned things around for them through an immaculately executed Facebook ad strategy!

The Challenges

To maintain break-even using Facebook ads.

The Process

We highlighted the problems and formulated a potential winning strategy, which included:

–        Using Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) at the top of the funnel to test out multiple audiences quickly.

–        Turning off all irrelevant campaigns that were draining the budget with no returns.

–        Creating dynamic ads addressing the pain points of the brand’s customers.

–        Rigorously testing various combinations of ad copies and creatives to find the winning assets.

The Results

The campaign achieved incredible results, the most prominent of which include the following:

–        6 out of a total of 11 audiences produced over 5X ROAS.

–        The overall CBO ROAS came in at 9.66X.

–        The average CBO Cost Per Action was below $30.

–        12,500+ products were sold within 1 year.

–        A lifetime ROAS of 4.36X was achieved.