Big Comeback for Struggling Auto-Parts Store!

An auto-parts vendor had been trying to sell products via their ecommerce store for almost a year and they had been struggling with it right off the bat. They knew very little about generating leads and even less about converting them. Moreover, they didn’t trust online marketing companies all that much. 

Hence, when they reached out to us, they asked us to run a small campaign for them so they could judge our performance. They gave us a budget of $218.36 on which we ran 6 different ad sets, targeting all the relevant groups.

The total revenue generation was $1,261.48 which equates to 5.78x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Moreover, the campaign reached almost 2,400 people and generated 3,400+ impressions for the brand. Seeing these results, the client was extremely happy and has been with us ever since.