Generating $650,000 Revenue through 8 Ad Campaigns in 6 Months

A client of ours, who has a quickly growing business in the ecommerce industry, was planning big things for the Black Friday sale. They wanted the latest Black Friday sale to be the biggest ever for their brand. 

What they needed from us was a strategy that would target consumers and potential buyers from all angles. We designed 8 different campaigns for the brand and in total, spent $84,000 on the entire project.

In return, the total revenue generated through was about $650,000. 

The ROAS was at about 7.69x. Nearly 7000 registrations were completed and the cost per registration was just $12.16. Moreover, more than 12,000 checkouts were initiated and the average cost per checkout initiate was as low as $6.70. The sale did end up becoming the biggest sale season for the brand.