Google Ad 3 month plan

Month 1 we focus on onboarding, setup, and launch. 2 weeks is the expected launch time. Leaving us with 2 weeks of testing (without delays). The return is minimal here given we’re getting things setup and likely kicked off from the ground. Things like budget, industry, product, audience, and the data that actually comes in, will depend on when we optimize and move winners to separate campaigns.

Month 2 we continue testing and we’ll turn off any campaigns and ads that aren’t working. We’ll try new things, what’s working we’ll put more budget behind and scale when we see something can sustain, usually after 5-7 weeks. We’ll set the goal to increase ROAS and aim to break even.

Month 3 we focus on scaling and optimizing ads to at least break-even and start seeing a roadmap to profitability. If we’re starting from scratch, profitability takes time. We’ll walk you through with weekly reports – sent out Fridays/Mondays epending on when you onboard, that analyze what we see, why we see it, and what we plan to do going into the next week.