Here’s how a Live Concerts Promotion Company used Facebook to Generate Awareness & Increase Ticket Sales for its Shows

Founded in 2007, a Live Concerts Promotion Company in California reached out to us five years back with one goal in mind. They wanted to hit all the right notes with Facebook ads to reach out to new audiences and generate ticket sales for its shows.

Hosting a number of annual concerts, seasonal music festivals, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) band collaborations, and solo event nights for local artists and EDM bands -our client had a good repute in the market.

In 2016, serving an annual audience of 40,000 and hosting nearly 20 shows a week, our client felt the need to scale up their operations while efficiently managing the events.

Using the power of Facebook Events

To help ramp up its event marketing, our client started using Facebook Ads in 2017. Since then, the social media site has become their sole promotional weapon. As their team phased out Facebook marketing to announce upcoming events, it helped cut down time-consuming activities like banner designing, printing, and distribution, sparing them an average of 10 hours a week.

“Zarar and his team were incredibly easy to work throughout the campaign. Every single area of improvement I have brought to them, they have addressed beyond my expectations. Highly recommended!” –says our client while sharing his experience of working with our team.

Keep reading as we unfold the complete story of our client and outline the steps that helped them achieve a massive outcome.

The Challenge
  • Our client had an existing presence on Facebook and wanted to scale up quickly with a limited budget for ads experimentation.
  • Our client and his team wanted to maximize ticket sales for every upcoming show they would host in the year ending 2017. With an estimate of 3-4 additional ticket sales per week.
  • They wanted to use Facebook ads to timely reach out to the right audiences for different events they would organize and collect high converting leads with the desired conversion rate of 70%.
  • We had to design and share content that would effectively highlight the energy of the live concerts and upcoming events our client had lined up.
Our Strategy
  • To begin addressing the challenges, we audited our client’s account. We discovered that we needed to work things out using a two-phased campaign;
  1. Promote the upcoming concerts and reach out to new audiences with video ads,
  2. Collect high-converting leads to maximize ticket sales.
  • We used videos ads to create the buzz online. We used short clips and exclusive footage from previous events, as well as the event details, location, and confirmed artists to showcase the level of energy our upcoming concerts were packed with.
  • We decided to use our video ads to generate maximum awareness and optimize the paid campaigns for video views.
  • Our Facebook Ads Quality Assurance Team ensured that we only used powerful creatives that would allow our target audiences to understand and align with our client company’s event lifestyle before the tickets were made available for purchase.
  • Once the tickets were available online for sale, we retargeted those video viewers to collect high-converting leads. This had a major impact on the quality of the results we collected.
  • We used geographic and interest-based targeting filters to create high-quality audience groups on Facebook that mostly reached people aged between 18-44 years living in and surrounding areas of California.
  • Our Facebook Ads Specialists also created custom audiences using the data of past buyers as well as website visitors and video viewers to boost the conversion rate.
The Results

The results skyrocketed in the very first month

✔️ Free plus shipping cost per result was as low as $5.40

✔️ ROAS even for freemium products was in positive because of the shipping charges

✔️ 900+ purchases recorded after the first month

✔️ Cost per purchase for core products was below $8

✔️ ROAS for core products jumped to 10.64% just from Facebook ads

✔️ Email marketing conversion from a free product to core product was 37%

✔️ AOV was increased using bundle offers.