Here’s how WE helped an Accounting Firm Use the Power of FB Ads to Generate 200+ High-Converting Leads during the Pandemic

Here’s how WE helped an Accounting Firm Use the Power of FB Ads to Generate 200+ High-Converting Leads during the Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic and the social distancing restrictions that it has brought have proven to be especially brutal for some industries. One such industry is that of financial advisers. A current client of OUR TEAM, who runs a financial accounting firm, was one of those unfortunate people whose business was hit especially hard by lockdowns and other social restrictions.

Just before the pandemic began, things were going pretty well for our client. He was running his firm very efficiently and thanks to his industry connections and referrals from current clients; he was successfully generating new business. 

But then, the lockdowns and social restrictions began. With almost every business hurt so badly by the lockdowns, many of his clients had to discontinue their contracts with his firm. And, as everyone was working from home, the positive word-of-mouth that his firm was generating just stopped spreading. In short, his firm lost clients and wasn’t attracting any new ones either.

Soon enough, the business started losing money, and to turn things around, the client hastily contacted an online marketing firm that he had heard of and decided to avail their services. This firm charged him a big sum for their services and even after 2 months of waiting, the results were pretty underwhelming. 

By September 2020, our client was now desperately trying to reach out to his old friends and acquaintances in hope of new business. It was during one of these phone calls to an old friend that he shared his firm’s current situation, after which his friend told him about our services.

The client was wary at first and decided to do some research about us. But, soon enough, after reading through a few of our client reviews he decided to reach out to us. Our marketing team had multiple meetings with him and presented a tailor-made plan for social growth. 

We knew how difficult it was for him to manage making a comeback for his business, so to help restore his confidence in the power of Facebook ads we devised a plan that could easily be scaled up or down depending on the budget. Which allowed him to have complete control over how much he was spending on paid media. 

In the months that followed, we ran a TOF campaign for a total ad spend of $2,173. That brought in a total of $18,000 in revenue for our client.

A massive 828% ROI! 

Not only we helped him fix his existing landing page copy, but also efficiently integrate it with the Facebook Pixel to track results. We ran ads that reached out to 19,700+ potential prospects, collected 205 high-converting leads with the desired target of 70.5% conversion rate, and achieved a CPL of $10.60.

We helped our client achieve all these results in just 10 weeks. You read that right. Here’s a peek at how we managed it all for him:

The Challenge
  • As the client had a bad experience running digital ads, he was skeptical about the results we can achieve for him using the power of Facebook advertising. So we had to work out the right path for him that would not only restore his confidence in FB Ads but also help him get his business back on track. 
  • We had to comb through the existing landing page copies our client was using and resolve pixel integration issues to ensure our ad creatives and assets were generating the desired results. 
  •  The client needed high-quality leads (form submissions) with a high conversion potential under $100 CPL.
The Process
  • We worked with an initial budget of $30/day, which we kept tweaking after reviewing the weekly results.
  • Our Ad Strategists ensured we were targeting the right audiences by collecting as much data available about the two different market segments our client was aiming to target. 
  • With the data we collected, we created few high-quality audiences on Facebook.
  • Meanwhile, our marketing team created fresh and engaging landing page copy for the client that was embedded with clear CTA’s to navigate our audience through the process.
  • Our designers and copywriters created engaging assets and creatives to use for the TOF campaign we were to run for the client.  
  • Based on our understanding of the client’s business and industry, we defined measurable KPIs for an accounting firm.  
  • We set up 3 ad sets and tested our target audiences in each ad set using 8 different creatives and 4 ad copies. Which had the biggest impact on the success of our campaign. 
The Results

Just two weeks into the campaign and the results have started to pour in. The numbers we were able to achieve were impressive, to say the least. 

  • We helped our client reach out to 19,775 potential prospects across his target locations with the help of our 2 winning ad sets.
  • With the total ad spend of $2,173, we brought $18,000 in revenue for our client.
  • Our 8 creatives and 4 ad copies collected 205 high-converting leads (form submissions) for the client.
  • Our TOF campaign hit the lowest CPL of $10.60 for our client with the desired 70.5% conversion rate.