Client Intro:

A Start-up Marketing Case Study. We helped a startup in Seattle with their Facebook Ads using the Facebook Ads Rapid Fire Testing Method.

The Challenges
  •  This client was a startup and had very little to no information about their target audience
  •  They didn’t have their ideal customer avatars built and blank on their message and creatives
  •  No website and completely relied on our agency for taking them off.
The Strategy

☝️ We began with building 4 variations for their landing page, using different messaging and creatives

☝️ We built a complete Facebook ads funnel and for TOF, we decided to test out 16 different audiences.

☝️ Once we knew what was working at the TOF, we quickly optimized our MOF and BOF strategies to maximize the return on ad spend

☝️ Initial strategy session and discovery

☝️ Ideal customer avatar planning and creation

☝️ Brand messaging strategy

☝️ Landing page creation and optimization

☝️ Built a full-Facebook funnel

☝️ Targeted 16 different cold audiences at the top of the funnel

☝️ Used retargeting with intriguing offers at the middle of the funnel

☝️ Used re-engagement campaigns to increase the lifetime value of their customers

☝️ Sent out exclusive offers for those still on the fence of buying

☝️ Used our battle-tested scaling method to maximize ROAS at the TOF

The Results
✔️ It is always exciting to work with a client who is open to new ideas and has the time and budget to run multiple tests. Working from scratch, it’s great to have a client respect the need for testing and setup ✔️ This startup began their rapid-fire testing period to find their ideal audience, message, and creative. After this test period (between 2 – 4 weeks), we began to use the winning adsets and optimize. Depending on the account, we may horizontally or vertically scale ✔️ By the end of the third month, we were achieving an average 2x ROAS. At the end of their sixth month, we’re achieving an average 5.28x ROAS.