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Achieves ROAS Of 1,100%


Results: 1100% ROAS, Helped Them Reach The Mid-6-Figures Mark

This presents a better way to shop wholesale and is a relatively new player in the online wholesale market. They were struggling with both Facebook & Google ads, and their average returns were close to 2X before we joined them. We pretty much did everything from scratch so, it took us three months to get them on track, and they were doing 5X+. Even in the pandemic, we kept going when Retail Stores (their primary audience) was closed! In the next three months, we doubled the ROAS.

Results: Facebook Ads Results On Autopilot

We built that account from the ground up and set it up to hit targets on auto-pilot WITHOUT active management. These results are typical for all the ad accounts that we take on in their early stages.